What actions can members take to raise their visibility on social media?

First, remember that posting on a social media page like Facebook will only be seen by 2% of the audience. You must boost the post and run paid ads.

Boost the post. For $1 a day you can boost the post to make sure your entire audience sees it.  I regularly do this with just $5.

Run an ad. If you run an ad, make sure you have very few words on the graphic, otherwise, it will get disallowed by Facebook.  Your graphic is allowed to only be 20% covered by words.

Make a post on a business account. Share it on your personal account.  Ask your friends and co-workers to share it. We sold 20,000 N95 facemasks by this method after Facebook denied the ads.

Don’t get stuck in Facebook Jail for running an ad that they disallowed or are against the rules. They can close your business account indefinitely.

You can write all your social media posts at one time and schedule them out with HootSuite or Buffer.

Use a graphic, or a video or go Live. You will have more viewers, more engagement

 Ask a Question on your post. The more engagement you get, the more people will see it.

If you have a Facebook ad selling something specific, have the ad link directly to the page about that product or service. If it just goes to the home page, you have probably lost a sale. In fact, build out a landing page just for the ad, with a call to action and contact form on it.

If you have friends who are influencers, (who regularly post good things about people, businesses, and products, get on the inside track with them.) Post good things about them, often and you will see they will do the same for you. Always tag the individual and their business.

Don’t forget about YouTube. It’s important to have videos on YouTube and have them link back to your website.  That will actually help your website ranking. Then you can embed the video into your blog page.

Hire a professional, if you can, for the Facebook Ads, they are a little tougher than you think. If you cannot afford a professional manager, hire the professional to teach you how to do it.

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