The Secret to Social Media Management

Inspire. Engage. Convert. That’s what Social Media is all about! You need to do all three in order to get the referrals, leads, new clients and returning customers.

After a while, we must admit that we are better at our true passion than maybe, let’s say…writing content or building a social media platform, or trying to decide when we need email marketing or a survey, and what’s the difference and why do you need a blog anyway?

Sometimes we can really get in the weeds when wading through all the information and then learning it too. No worries, I’ve done a lot of research, training and managing and would love to share what I know, so you can press through and get on with your business!

I’m beyond excited to share my ‘secret sauce’, but you should know, what works for me and you today, may not be right for us in a month from now. That’s ok. The only thing that’s constant is change.

I think I would add an explanation of how a blog post gets shared on social media and why that is important.

Also, a discussion about social media goals and knowing which platforms make sense for their business.

Let’s get started…

  1.  Keywords
  • Are very important to know and can help you with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can   and should use keywords in your social media posts, blog content, and web content.
  • It’s easy…create a Google doc and document all the keywords associated with your product and service.
  • Google Keyword planner is a great resource.  That way you’ll always have it on hand.
  1. Content/Posting/Editorial planner
  • Create a Social Media Calendar  to plan posts and blog topics as far in advance as possible.
  • Be sure to plan for holidays and special events.
  • Pre-schedule, so you can leave it and forget it.  Use Buffer and/or HootSuite.
  1. Schedule time for writing/blog posting
  • Schedule a day and time where you can focus on blog writing, only! Be sure you are not distracted. It’s helpful to write an entire batch at one sitting.
  • Then schedule another day for editing and tweaking your posts and search for graphics to go along with it.
  • You can also save valuable time by auto scheduling your posts. CoSchedule is a great resource. Otherwise, you’ll need to wait for your posts to go “live” before you can schedule to your social channels.
  1. Topics/Themes
  • It can be fun for you and your audience to assign themes to the days of the week (i.e., No Meat Monday, Cleansing Tuesday, Fitness Friday). You can also tie these themes into your blog posts and writing.
  • If you run out of topic ideas, try going somewhere quiet, a place where you feel creative and write down the first 50 topics that come to your mind. Then categorize them into the weeks or months that you would like to post them. This is another great way to get things accomplished by batching tasks.
  1.  Photos/Images
  • You should use photos and images with every social post and blog post. Sometimes the articles that     you share from others will have an image and it will feed over into your post.
  • If not, try: Dollar Photo Club, iStock Photo, Deposit Photos.
  • You can also create your own images pretty easily with Canva.
  1.  Post daily
  • You can stay relevant by posting one time a day on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ and three             times a day on Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Check your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn news feeds or a news aggregator like Feedly, for content ideas.
  • You don’t need to curate each post, feel free to share good content for some of your connections posts or other reputable sources.
  1.  Stay connected
  • Join groups relevant to your industry in order to find out what people are saying and the questions they are asking. This is a great way to get content topics for your posts and blog.
  • Use phone apps that can help you stay connected. Engagement it vital to growth; be sure to respond to questions and comments as soon as you can.

I know it can be frustrating trying to learn something new, but keep pressing forward, you’ll be glad that you did. Before long, you’ll be seeing the momentum build with your social media platform. That will give you fuel and energy to bump it up to a new level and learn something new to add to your platform. Let’s say,  maybe learning how to grow your email list.

I would love to hear about your struggles and successes with your social media platform.

Writing by Marcia L. King, Head Honcho at  SimpleMSolutions