Advanced Techniques for Adwords Event

Adwords Training from a Google Partner

Many companies use Google Adwords to anchor their interactive digital marketing, but it can get
pricey if you’re competing on popular keywords. Did you know there are ways to optimize your
Adwords campaigns and improves your ROI?

It’s true! Erin Gordon will teach us some Adwords best practices, as well as advanced concepts
and strategies based on a decade of research and testing. This is super-secret insider stuff,

If you’re an avid Adwords user, it’s a JOMM you won’t want to miss.

Erin is a digital marketing expert who is certified for education in Google Adwords and is the
local organizer for Social Media Day 2018. With over a decade of web design and development
and 7+ years of digital marketing experience, her expertise includes SEO, PPC, social media,
content management systems, inbound marketing, and more.

She earned an Associate degree from FSCJ in computer science, a Bachelor’s in advertising
from UNF, and certification in inbound marketing. Over her career, Erin has created more than
500 websites and managed hundreds of other marketing initiatives. She is the co-founder of
Savvy Outsourcing, where she helps other freelancers find a happy home and work balance.

Join us for Advanced Tools to Optimize Adwords Campaigns

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