Social Media Tips and Tactics

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Tips from the JOMM April 9th, 2013 in Jacksonville, Florida: Effective Social Media Tactics that Get Results. (Sponsored by Social Strategy 1)

Howard Rentschler : Social Media Management

Take Aways:

Do not approach social media as an extra piece you now have to add to your marketing plan rather take time to learn, understand, and determine how a social media presence fits within your marketing plan. If you do not have the time or resources to have a social media presence then do not do. It will be far too apparent and potentially damaging to your businesses reputation to put together something which does reflect well on your brand. Always remember there is a person behind that keyboard and touchscreen who can easily be a raving fan or a total bust.

Knowledge resource

Kipin Alexander : Public Relationship Specialist

Take Aways:

Content is King: If you’re not providing original content, you’re missing a huge opportunity for engagement. The internet is a huge source of information. Being a thought-leader in your space is the best way to drive traffic and increase interaction between your brand and your clients.

Be visual: Coupling photo and video media with your posts will boost visibility and catch a readers eye.

Brand from top to bottom: Ensure your clients get a seamless experience from website to tweet. Brand recognition is your end goal. Decide who you are and who you’re talking to. Make sure everything from look to copy aligns exactly with your brand.

Jessica Thomas : Thomas Marketing Consulting

Take Aways:

Facebook ads can be very effective in an online strategy because:

  • You can target demographics (location, sex, Like preferences)
  • You can quickly see success metrics and adjust for optimal performance
  • Once connected with you can build a relationship with customers

Know your audience and post content that they would like but be sure to keep your branding and tone consistent.

Alycia Neill : Jax Social Life

Take Aways:

If you take time to know your social circle, your conversations will improve.  Watch your numbers in order to understand if “what you’re doing is working,” but be careful not to let your social networks become a number’s game. No one wants to be a number.  If you’re in it for numbers, your audience will catch on to it and they will hide you, aka., ignore you.

Keep it short.  Keep it relevant. And above all, connect!

Here is a link to a few quick tips I recommend that will help with YouTube –

Justin Dennis : Social Strategy 1

Take Aways:

Listen to the conversation and engage. Don’t let unfavorable posts or messages go unanswered. Using a tool like Social Strategy 1 you can view the large amounts of data in the social sphere in an optimized visual fashion.