Small Business Marketing: 7 Problems That You Can Solve

By: Surina Samaroo

For any small business, digital marketing can seem like a never-ending task. Your budget and point for your marketing strategy. All of this is completely normal! Although marketing may seem intimidating, knowing your obstacles can help you move forward. Here are some of the key problems for small businesses when tackling their digital marketing efforts.

1. You promote unrelated content.

Through social media, we have been able to connect and relate with our customers. It is necessary to have a posting schedule and celebrate fun, related content. Quirky national holidays, company milestones, and community involvement are great, relatable ways to highlight your business or service. However, your audience doesn’t subscribe to be bombarded with unrelated posts. National Quilting Day is fun but may have nothing to do with a dental practice. Unless you are a business owner that is having a Quilt Drive in your dental office, it does not fit what your audience wants to see. You want to make a viable connection, and not promote every holiday or even if it has no correlation.

2. You do not brand consistently.

Branding is not exclusively for bigger companies. Branding presents the mission that you are trying to achieve with your business or service. Branding not only creates consistent messaging, but it makes your business cohesive overall. Simply having design standards for e-newsletters, letterheads, and event flyers will familiarize prospective clients with your company. Distinct variations make it hard to communicate your vision, and will not have a lasting impact over time.

3. You do not effectively track your marketing campaigns.

In many areas of business, you need to determine the performance of your business efforts. The same goes for marketing campaigns. Analytical software and phone inquiry tracking system are two easy ways to get started. Phone inquiries are a common way for someone to convert into a customer. For instance, if the Call-To-Action on your website is to call your office for more information, you need to determine how many people responded. Your receptionist can converse with prospective clients about how they found your business. Collecting this information over time can give a well-rounded look of your campaign’s efforts. Google Analytics is a widely used software to analyze website traffic from various channels. Without tracking, you don’t comprehensively know if one of your campaigns works better than another.

4. You do not allow enough time for a marketing campaign.

It is easy to get discouraged when you have a limited budget and you’re spending money on various marketing methods. While it may seem easy to scrap a project after two weeks, in the long run, it is not beneficial. Successful marketing campaigns take a long time to create. There are hours, dollars, and energy spent to carry out the strategy. Unfortunately, when you get impatient because the campaign is not providing immediate results, you are costing yourself all of the effort taken. Prematurely pulling an idea will not give you a clear view of its success. Give the strategy at least a month and a half to resonate with your audience and actually make an impact on them.

5. You switch gears too many times.

As mentioned, marketing can seem intimidating. It is hard to vigorously market your business if your ROI is undesirable. Looking into new marketing methods is a great way to stay abreast with the trends and improving the strategies prior. However, chasing after too many different campaigns continuously is not sufficient use of your marketing resources. If you are trying to launch your marketing team, you need to have three specific ways or campaigns to bring in leads into your business. Pursuing too many campaigns or ideas will create a marketing burnout within your team. If you are looking for longevity and grounded results, you need to stay focused on the strategies at hand and swap out new ones if needed.

6. You try too many marketing ideas all at once.

Realistically, you may not have the resources to pay for all the advertisements, events, giveaways and more, bursting from your creativity. Launching all the campaigns at once will not give you immediate results. The solution is to allow yourself to focus on some ideas and table the other ones for a later meeting. It is best to brainstorm quarterly, then pick no more than three strategies worth pursuing from the ideas. By doing this, you are corralling the impulse to do too many things at once. Especially with digital marketing, it is easy to get excited and carried away. Because marketing is an investment, it is a marathon, not a sprint.

7. You believe all educational marketing resources and tools aren’t affordable.

The internet is one of the greatest tools for connection and learning. Over time, many content- driven websites developed learning courses for marketing. Youtube is a major platform that supplies free information on anything and everything. It is free to learn about any digital marketing subject you could imagine. In addition, if you can’t afford a creative software use Canva! Canva is a free online application to produce event flyers, social media posts, newsletters, etc. Even Google provides basic training in Google Adwords and Google Analytics to its users with no cost. Also, there are plenty of social media scheduling programs that can allow you to plan your content in advance. Digital marketing can be costly but there are ways to optimize your efforts for free.

Do not be afraid to explore the marketing options for your business! With digital marketing, businesses have access to more tools and knowledge than ever to promote themselves. As long as you allow quality time for your campaigns, you will effectively build a strategy for marketing over time. Staying focused and concise with marketing ideas will pay off. Once you’ve set standards from branding to strategy, it will be easy to continue bringing in leads long-term. Marketing isn’t as intimidating as it seems!


Surina SamarooSurina Samaroo is a content writer and GenM ambassador. A UNF Alumni, she is a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management. Connect with Surina on LinkedIn!