The Online Marketing PowerSquad Review Panel – March 2013

This JOMM shall be a fun, interesting and involved meetup where a team of professional online marketers, the PowerSquad, will work in small group panels to review, dissect and critique submitted websites with the intent to share knowledge, shed insight and help provide suggestions for improvements.

PowerSquad Review Panelists include:

  • Robert Enriquez – SEO Expert
  • Alanda Williams – Online Marketer
  • Lynn Thompson – Copywriter
  • Angel Ayala Torres – Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Kenny Harper – Strategic Web Designer
  • Dennis Eusebio – UX Designer
  • Tiffany McDonald – Search Engine Marketer
  • Remo Kousins – Online Marketer
  • Chris Gregory – SEO Expert

JOMM Online Marketing Review Panel