Marketing Tip Highlights for 2015

JAMA / JOMM Holiday 2014

It has been a great year full of interesting JOMM topics and discussion. One of the great benefits of the JOMM is the connections you make from the group. While there are many ways to connect online, at this time there still is not a way to replace in person interaction. Below are the marketing tip highlights of the 2014 JOMMs and tips you can use for marketing in 2015.

JOMM Sponsors:

  • CoWork Jax
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  • Jacksonville American Marketing Association
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JOMM Accomplishments:

  • The JOMM coordinated 14 events in 2014
  • The JOMM grew by approximately 1 new member a day through the year
  • The JOMM was a sponsor of Digital Marketing University 2014
  • The JOMM developed it’s first Board of Directors (Thank you board)
  • The JOMM participated in Alphabet Soup 2014 with JAMA, AIGA, AAF, PRSSA & IABC
  • The JOMM developed it’s first plan for JOMM Membership for 2015

JOMM Highlights:

January: Digital Analytics – Diving Deep & Adapting for 2014 w/ Kenny Harper of Rock My Image Online Marketing

TAKE AWAY: It is important to look beyond the aggregated analytics to get a real understanding of what the analytics tell you. By effectively reading your results you can make better decisions to improve your marketing efforts.

February: Local SEO vs. SEO: How Should You Market Your Local Business Online? w/ Chris Gregory of DAGMAR Marketing

TAKE AWAY: Organic Listing SEO and Local SEO are two different things and need different strategies to get results. Organic listing primarily is optimized with content and inbound links while local is helped with categories, citations, reviews.

March: Leverage more Results from Networking & Events w/ Al Emerick of Al Emerick Productions

TAKE AWAY: It is important to develop your personal brand and goals and have a strategy before participating in networking and events.

April: Leading Brands into the New World of Marketing w/ Kelly Stam of Robin Shepherd, Jeremy Nettels from the Dalton Agency, Shane Santiago from St John and Partners, Rusty Winter from Cox Media Group

TAKE AWAY: Continual education is the key to helping clients embrace new forms of marketing.

May:  The JOMM – Master Mind Session – fastpitch Style

  • Wally Conway w/
  • Ryan Whitman w/
  • Margie Jordan w/

TAKE AWAY: There are a lot of great creative entrepreneurs in Jacksonville.

June: Void Magazine – Marketing Culture & Lifestyle

TAKE AWAY: Culture is an important and often overlooked part of the brand. The current youth generation has much more control of buying power and influencing the market than ever before.

July: What Keeps You From Success & How You Can Overcome it w/ Steve Goranson from Action Coach

TAKE AWAY: Steve reviewed the Seven Habits of Highly Successful People. Be sure to write down the top three things you need to get done the next day and do them in the first part of the day.

August: Current Trends in Video & What’s Best for Your Business w/ Andrew Fallon of Tiger Lily and Chris Kennelly from Kennetic Productions

TAKE AWAY: Don’t create videos just focusing on benefits and features, showcase the Why you do what you do. Let the passion come through and people will resonate with your brand.

September: The Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Digital Marketing w/ Rusty Winter of Cox Media Group

TAKE AWAY: Digital marketing has evolved into a huge, ever-changing complicated effort. Don’t take

October: How to Integrate Local Marketing, Advertising & Networking – w/ Catherine Byerly of The Jacksonville Business Journal & Manny Torres of Rock My Image.

TAKE AWAY: Get to know the PR person you’re pitching to before you pitch to them and make their lives easier. This will get you a much better chance of getting your story picked up. And don’t bother if the information isn’t current information.

November: Defining Your Processes w/ Tommy Hobin of DiscoverTec

TAKE AWAY: Don’t sell services, sell processes. Take the time to fully document your processes and all of the steps involved and use the time saved with efficiency to improve the processes and increase the value.

December: The Ghost of Online Past, Present and Future

TAKE AWAY: Jacksonville has a great online marketing community full of great collaborative people, when you add pizza and beer it’s that much better.