Lights…Camera…Action – You Need Videos!~Meetup Wrap-up

On Tuesday, March 8, a good turnout was on hand to hear Mauricio Belgrano present the topic “Lights…Camera…Action! You Need Videos!”

Mauricio is a film producer who started Name Sake Pictures (NSP) in 2009. NSP helps non-profits tell their stories and present their messages in short film formats for fundraising, recruiting volunteers and advocacy.

Videos are growing in popularity as a marketing vehicle, especially “how-to” and training videos as a form of inbound marketing. As general tips, Mauricio recommended thinking longer term and creating a coherent video series, instead of a “one-off” video or a set of unrelated videos coming out one at a time.

As basic content, your video’s story should have a conflict/problem, with your company or product as the hero/solution. Mauricio cautioned that “less is more,” meaning that a target audience can process and identify with one issue, one person, and so forth. Having too much in a video will lose the audience’s attention and the feeling of connection to the video. A video should also have just one very specific call to action (CTA).

Mauricio explained that an average video is about four minutes long, but this depends on the topic, audience and the platform for the video. Facebook videos are only about 90 seconds (because of attention span and flow in a Facebook newsfeed), while YouTube videos can run around 15 minutes. Mauricio recommended including your CTA after about 30 seconds if your video is longer than average.

Once done, don’t hide your videos! Post them prominently on your website, preferably the homepage, as well as your social media sites. Mauricio stressed uploading your videos separately and directly onto each site, as opposed to linking them.

Regarding equipment, Mauricio pointed out that many businesses on a tight budget can use a smartphone to make acceptable videos. If you have more of a budget, Mauricio recommended the Movi Live Event Camera. Larger budgets and professionals should consider DSLR cameras for short videos, and the Canon EOS C-100 for longer videos. Editing can be done using iMovie (iPhones),, or Powtoons. Audio recommendations included Saramonic Smart Mixer and Rode smartLav for iPhones.

Mauricio concluded his presentation by discussing ways to monetize your videos, including affiliate marketing, and

The next JOMM event is “You need ADD (Analytics Deep Dive)!” on Tuesday, April 12. Chris Gregory, the founder of DAGMAR Marketing, will do an advanced “deep dive” into a live analytics profile to show us how to segment our data and get the answers we need. This presentation is geared to marketing professionals who already have a high level of analytics understanding.