Lights…Camera…Action – You Need Videos!

All social media marketers will tell you that you can’t ignore the power of video. YouTube – just one example of a video platform – is used by 100 percent of the top brands in the world, generating millions of views each day. So, you need videos! Mauricio Belgrano is here to help.

In this presentation, Mauricio will discuss creating stories that your audience will love, the best ways to tell your stories using video production techniques, and how marketing your videos is more than just posting them on your social media sites.

Mauricio Belgrano is a film producer who started Name Sake Pictures (NSP) in 2009. NSP helps non-profits tell their stories and present their messages in short film formats. Using the techniques found in motion pictures and documentaries, NSP improves the visual quality to entertain and engage their clients’ audiences for the purpose of fundraising, recruiting volunteers and advocacy.

Join us for “Lights…Camera…Action – You Need Videos!”

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