Leading Brands into the New World of Marketing

Leading Brands into the New World of Marketing

The world of marketing continues to evolve and change at an exponential speed. Marketers are challenged daily to adapt and change to the times and new demands of businesses and consumers.

April’s JOMM features a highly talented panel from some of Jacksonville’s largest creative agencies to discuss how to lead traditional brands into the new world or marketing.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
6:30 PM


For Businesses: Learn about the value of new trends and changes in the changing marketing world.

For Marketers: Learn techniques of discussion for helping traditional companies adapt into the new world of marketing.

As they say Adapt or Perish.


  • Pat McKinney – Dalton Agency
  • Shane Santiago – St John & Partners
  • Heather Engard – On Ideas 
  • TBD