The JOMM Origins

For those of you who are new to The JOMM, this story covers the origins of how the group came to be.

The Jacksonville SEO MeetUp

The group was founded on April 28, 2008 by Michelle Chance-Sangthong. Michelle was an online marketer with some savvy SEO knowledge and skills. Because the SEO world is constantly changing, she was looking for a group to connect with, talk shop and share insights. Michelle was talking to a friend about how someone should start a MeetUp for SEO. After thinking about it, she decided to take the bull by the horns and she created The Jax SEO MeetUp.

The Jax SEO MeetUp was a success from the start. Within a short time the group gained momentum and the MeetUp was a regular staple for those looking to learn more about SEO.

The group met at various locations from bars and creative agencies to Venture Plex (Salem Center) and business parks.

Highlights from The Jacksonville SEO MeetUp era include:

  2. Creating a VIRAL Video
  3. SEO Pimping Ho’s for the SMO’s
  4. War Stories from the SEO/Marketing Trenches

The Jacksonville Online Marketing MeetUp for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

In late 2012, the world of online marketing was drastically changing and discussions in the group no longer solely focused on SEO as other marketing efforting including Social Media and Mobile design became an integral part of  an SEO effort. In late 2012 the group changed it’s name to The Jacksonville Online Marketing Meetup for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs.

At the end of 2012 after a four year term of running the group, Michelle decided to pass the torch of the group on and focus on some new items in her professional career. This was a critical time for the group because without a successor, the group would have dissolved. Michelle chose Kenny Harper to lead the next era of the group and challenged him to continue what she had started.



In 2013, Kenny Harper continued the MeetUps under the new acronym for group, The JOMM. The JOMM started being hosted at CoWork Jax included a guest speakers at each event. The group gained momentum with the cross promotion of presenters and strategic alliances including Ignite, One Spark and the Jacksonville American Marketing Association.

Kenny Harper

Highlights from early The JOMM era include:

  1. Digital Marketing University
  2. The Online Marketing PowerSquad Review Panel
  3. One Spark Re-Cap – Awesome Creators & Innovative Marketing
  4. Master Mind Session – fastpitch Style

The JOMM Board 2014

In 2014 after running the group solo for a year, Kenny pulled in his partners at Rock My Image, Manny Torres and Jen DeVore to help coordinate running the meetup. Through discussion they came to the decision to grow the group and produce a conference. In efforts to do this The JOMM assembled a board to help continuing to build on what the group started.