The JOMM Event – Beyond Wi-Fi: When They Connect, You Engage

Think of the moment a customer connects to your Wi-Fi network as an awesome opportunity for you to connect with them.

Looking to up-sell?

Grow your Facebook reach?

Survey your customers?

In this presentation, Brian Magazu will discuss the expanding role of Wi-Fi in digital marketing.

You’ll not only become a smarter Wi-Fi user, but you’ll be equipped to identify opportunities for Wi-Fi within your own marketing solutions.

Brian Magazu is a veteran Jacksonville entrepreneur. Having left a Fortune 500 company in 2005 to pursue freelance work, he went on to form MAD Consulting Group, which helped generate $100M in new sales over six continents.

In 2015 Brian co-founded SuperFi, a company that educates businesses and governments on the enormous value of providing free Wi-Fi, and partners with them to create meaningful customer engagement with a definitive ROI.

Learn more about Brian and connect with him –

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