How To Avoid Digital Disasters

Digital Marketing Lessons We’ve Learned the Hard Way

They’re the kinds of things that keep you awake at night. Those bone-headed digital marketing moves you could just smack yourself for doing…but there’s another way to look at them. Those big mistakes often teach us the most important lessons that stick with us and make us into digital marketing pros! If only there were a shortcut that would keep us from making those boo-boos in the first place…is there? Of course! We can learn from the mistakes of others! Several members of the JOMM board will be sharing their own most embarrassing moments in marketing online. Learn from their mistakes what to watch out for when designing and executing your own digital strategies.

Mary Fisher will address the many mistakes digital marketing mistakes her firm has seen over the years. Mary is the CEO of Fisher Design, a 28-year- old advertising and public relations firm. A member of the 2006 class of Leadership Jacksonville, she was the 2014 Jacksonville Business Journal’s Woman of Influence and 2007 Women in Business Entrepreneur of the Year. Mary is a member of the JAX Chamber, Associated Medical Office Experts, and the Southside Business Men’s Club and Women Business Owners. She serves on the FSCJ digital marketing advisory board, and is a mentor in Marketing Matters and Athena Powerlink for the Jacksonville Women’s Business Center.

Erin Gordon will describe how improperly setting up your site for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can affect you. Erin graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelors in Advertising and also has an Associates in Computer Science from Florida State Community College. Erin is an online marketing expert, specializing in graphic design and website development. She has spent many years working for marketing firms and utilizes her extensive knowledge and skills to help companies market their business on the web. Certified in Inbound Marketing, Erin has created more than 500 websites and managed hundreds of other marketing initiatives.

Marcia King will talk about social media blunders you can avoid with careful planning and execution. Marcia is the founder of SimpleMSolutions, a digital marketing company, and has recently launched Savvy Outsourcing with partner, Erin Gordon. Marcia’s previous career was in the insurance industry, where she managed both digital and traditional marketing. She has marketing and writing certifications through UNF and FSCJ.

Tonisha Landry will discuss what can happen when you fail to utilize the contacts in your network when marketing your services and write content to demonstrate success in your previous areas of work. The principal officer of KAK & Co., Tonisha has more than 16 years’ experience in creating opportunities for people to connect with brands for municipal governments, non-profits, and corporations. Her specialty is achieving a greater return on impact for events that have earned up to $1,000,000+ in unrestricted funds from attendees ranging from 100 to almost 100,000. Prior to this her background was in economics and investment management. In addition to co-chairing the JOMM, Tonisha serves on the boards for the Florida Theatre, and the Jacksonville Women’s Business Center, chairs the JWBC’s Emerging Markets initiative, facilitates the Aspiring to Success Women’s entrepreneurship circle, is the “mom-ager” of an aspiring entrepreneur, and the single mother of two.

Lynn Thompson will cover what can happen when you’re not sure who owns the rights to intellectual property like images, video, or music used on your site. Lynn is the founder of, a digital store selling products for cats and cat lovers. She is also the president of Thompson Writing & Editing and is authoring the forthcoming book The Feline CEO. In her pre-digital career, Lynn had a long tenure in marketing with a directory publisher. She has served on numerous non-profit organizations’ boards and a past mentor in the Jacksonville Women’s Business Center’s Marketing Matters. Lynn is a member of the JAXChamber, Shankminds (Peter Shankman’s mastermind group), BlogPaws, and the Cat Writers’ Association.

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