“I Share a Twitter Account with My Competition!” ~Meetup Wrapup

On Tuesday, January 12, The JOMM event featured “I Share a Twitter Account with My Competition!” – presented by Shannon Harper of SharperSocial.

Shannon, an expert in social design services, content creation and social media consultations, manages social media for The Elbow, Downtown Jacksonville’s Entertainment District. Cultivated around the historic Florida Theatre.

The Elbow encompasses nearly 20 restaurants and bars within the boundaries of Bay Street to Adams Street and Main Street to Liberty Street. This District of competing and complementary businesses joined forces for a combined social media strategy that helps them all.

Shannon began her presentation by stating she’s able to combine two of her passions – social media engagement and the concept of a vibrant downtown area. She went on to define and describe the importance of districts in an urban environment: a pedestrian-friendly, physical space with a community of business owners working together that offers restaurants, bars, entertainment, events and the arts.

These characteristics boost the target economy and a healthy real estate market while setting the stage for more successes. Over time, an urban district will create more stability, value and cash flow than its suburban counterparts, which tend to be more transitory as interest shifts to other suburban locations.

Shannon then elaborated upon the intricacies of managing the social media for the District – discussing how to start out by determining demographics, creating a clear brand identity, developing a strategy for the social media platforms and coming up with a budget.

Shannon stressed the importance of analytics, which “tell us when we’re doing something right when we’re doing something wrong, and when we should adapt/change.”

She described their engagement and content curation techniques and what software packages they use to help them achieve these goals.

Shannon revealed that the initial keys to a successful, sustainable district included start-up funding, member buy-in and an identity that can create merchandise sales. Some of the ongoing struggles included receiving promotional and event details on time from member businesses, requests for changes late in the cycle, and either too many or too few events and promotions.

A good crowd was on hand to hear Shannon’s presentation and engage her in questions and answers.

Our next JOMM event will be Tuesday, February 9 at 6:30 p.m. Leila Ansart of the Intuitive Marketing Group will give us useful and much-needed info on how to get the most out of LinkedIn, in “What Can LinkedIn Really Do For Me?”