How-to Make Money with Snapchat

Everyone makes money the exact same way: By selling stuff.

Some make money by selling physical products like motorcycles or chocolate waffles. Other people sell virtual products like music downloads or books on Kindle.

Most people sell their personal time. Time, by the way is the WORST thing you can possibly sell because there is a limited amount of it available to you. You can always whip up more chocolate waffles. And MP3s can be downloaded an infinite number of times. But, there are only so many billable hours in a day.

In the media industry we have a very simple and very specific three step-plan to make money that works brilliantly:

This is the simple three-step plan that every media professional from Johnny Carson to Justin Bieber has used to make money.

  1. Create content
  2. Build an audience
  3. Sell them stuff

It’s that simple.

And it works great! If you don’t believe me, just visit a radio or TV station. Look at the cars in the parking lot. You’ll understand that those people know how to make money. In fact, this is the same model that radio and TV stations have used to build revenue for almost 100 years.

Today, social media dominates the landscape. But the rules for making money with media remain exactly the same.

Step 1: Create content – Everything begins with content. Radio stations need music. TV stations need shows. Social Media accounts need photos, videos, memes, etc. Without content we’d all be staring at blank screens and listening to silence. Successful media professionals know that a steady flow of regular content is the first step in fortune building. Also, don’t worry about the quality or importance of your content. Anyone who has watched Here Comes Honey Boo Boo knows quality and importance are not the cornerstone of a successful media company. Regularity is. Your audience wants to take comfort in your content. They want to know that your familiar and dependable content will be there for them when they need it. But you have to start by creating something people want. You have to start with content.

Step 2: Build an audience – You can call them whatever you want: Fans, Friends, Followers, viewers, listeners. Seth Godin calls them Tribes. Whatever you call them, you absolutely, positively, HAVE to have them! Because, when it comes to the “selling of stuff,” these are the people who will be doing all the “buying.” You can’t make money without an audience. So you have to build one. It doesn’t have to be a huge audience, but it has to be loyal. They have to trust you, and they have to want what you’re offering. It takes time to build an audience, and it takes patience. You have to ask for (and accept) feedback from them, and continually tweak your content to meet their needs. You will lose some along the way. But if you do it right, you will gain so many more.

Step 3: Sell them stuff – This is where your hard work pays off. This is where you make money by offering your audience, who love and trust you, stuff that they need. You can offer them products you’ve made yourself or you can get paid to pitch other people’s products. All that matters is, that you always have their best interests in mind. You aren’t just selling them your music or books because you want to make money, you are selling because your songs will bring them hours of enjoyment and happiness. Your books will entertain them while solving one of the biggest problems they face in their lives. You want to make sure your audience is only spending their hard-earned money on goods and services that will make their lives better. If you do that, they will love you even more.

This is the simple three-step plan that every media professional from Johnny Carson to Justin Bieber has used to make money.

This system is EASILY converted to Snapchat. In fact, as someone who has used this system for decades on the radio, I believe Snapchat is the BEST social media network for creating content, building an audience, and selling them stuff.

Snapchat makes it easy to create video, audio, photographic, and artistic content.

Snapchat makes it easy for you to receive instant feedback from your audience.

Snapchat weeds out ‘Followers’ and leaves you with devoted ‘Fans’.

Snapchat demands people’s attention.

Because of the camera and drawing tools built into the interface, Snapchat allows you to create multi-media stories that connect with your audience on all levels. Also, since “chat” is the core of Snapchat’s platform, interacting with your audience is ridiculously easy. Plus it’s a face-to-face communication, not just some pre-selected and photoshopped avatar that was taken years ago. You get “real time” reaction. This is crucial information that you can’t get from a “like” or “double-tap.”

Plus, watching and reacting to your stories takes a commitment. The people who view your stories had to make a conscious effort to do so. They had to find your name, type it in, and then hold their thumb down on the screen just to see what you wanted them to see. It’s a ton of work. They REALLY like you.

[Tweet “A @Snapchat follower is more valuable than a person who clicks ‘Follow’ on @Twitter “]

A Snapchat follower who regularly views your stories is WAY more valuable than a person who clicks “FOLLOW” on twitter and never reads anything you ever write again.

Create content. Build an audience. Sell them stuff.

That’s how you make money with Snapchat…or anything else for that matter.

Written by Mark Kaye, who is a Radio Host, TV Personality, Snapchat Expert, Social Media Celebrity, and Famous Motivational and Keynote Business Marketing Speaker.

Connect with Mark: Website | Twitter/Periscope = @markkayeshow |Facebook  | Snapchat = @MarkKaye

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