How a Virtual Assistant Saved My Business

Are you getting swamped in administrative tasks instead of growing your business?

Well, Stu Green was in that boat, and he found a way out: virtual assistants.

In this presentation, Stu will discuss how after building all facets of his web business from scratch, he got lost in a raging sea of customer support issues and badly managed communications that were taking four hours out of each workday. Stu will explain how his solution – virtual assistants – saved him and helped him get back to building a great business.

The founder of three successful web companies, Stu is an entrepreneur with a design and development background. His focus is on helping teams increase productivity and communication.

His main business is Project Bubble, which helps small businesses manage their projects. He’s also founder of Invoiceable, a free invoicing tool for freelancers, and Uniteable, an app to help teams improve communication and achieve their goals.

Join us for How a Virtual Assistant Saved My Business and get back to growing your company!

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