Get Aggressive about Passive Income (Affiliate Marketing Revealed)!

You often hear about people who generate passive income through the internet. How do they do it?

In this presentation, Armand Panganiban will fill in the blanks about affiliate marketing. He’ll start with the quick basics of what affiliate marketing is and how to get started, and then delve into the ins and outs of making the internet work for you. Armand will also share a ninja tactic for driving traffic – the biggest part of the passive online income equation.

Armand is the managing editor of Mayumi Publishing Group. He implements digital strategies for individuals and organizations to increase exposure, generate leads and boost sales. His strategic vehicles of choice are the Internet, the global economy and the classic Jeep Wrangler. (The Internet to create and develop engaged audiences; the global economy for expanded opportunity; and there are few feelings of freedom that compare to driving a Jeep Wrangler with the top down.)

Join us for Get Aggressive about Passive Income (Affiliate Marketing Revealed)!

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