Planning to Win: Insider Tips to Woo Customers in Today’s Digital World

Do you feel lost when you look at your Google Analytics report? Wondering how to stand out from your competitors online? Puzzled about why everybody else seems to outrank you on your key search terms? Dara Gourley is a Digital Media Strategist at Fisher Design and Advertising. She has worked with entities that include the PGA […]

The JOMM Event – Beyond Wi-Fi: When They Connect, You Engage

Think of the moment a customer connects to your Wi-Fi network as an awesome opportunity for you to connect with them. Looking to up-sell? Grow your Facebook reach? Survey your customers? In this presentation, Brian Magazu will discuss the expanding role of Wi-Fi in digital marketing. You’ll not only become a smarter Wi-Fi user, but […]

Leveraging Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of those buzz words that people use, but don’t always understand. Content marketing is not new, but the tools available on the web can help businesses leverage the power of it in ways we could have never imagined – the simplicity of things like Word Press, or even micro-blogging platforms like […]

“4 Keys to Communicating with Clarity”

When you speak to prospects and customers, do you communicate with clarity? More importantly: Do they think you communicate with clarity? In this interactive session, Mark Vickers will explore the “4 Keys to Communicating with Clarity” and help you share your story and information more effectively – leading to improved results. International speaker and author […]

YOU Can Become the Celebrity Expert in Your Niche!

Celebrity is defined as fame and public attention, and an expert is someone with special skills or knowledge. Celebrity expert status can provide opportunities to make money and create wealth. YOU can become the celebrity expert to your niche! It is not difficult or expensive when you know the simple steps to create celebrity expert […]

Get Aggressive about Passive Income (Affiliate Marketing Revealed)!

You often hear about people who generate passive income through the internet. How do they do it? In this presentation, Armand Panganiban will fill in the blanks about affiliate marketing. He’ll start with the quick basics of what affiliate marketing is and how to get started, and then delve into the ins and outs of […]

You need ADD (Analytics Deep Dive)!

Many people employ SEO and PPC but then don’t know how to use analytics properly to understand what’s working, what’s not working, and what to change. Chris Gregory will do a deep dive into a live analytics profile to show us how to segment our data and get the answers we need. Chris Gregory will […]

“What Can LinkedIn Really Do For Me?”

We’re all on LinkedIn. But what is your LinkedIn strategy? What are your LinkedIn goals? If you don’t know, are you just wasting your time?  In this presentation, Leila Ansart will talk through the questions you need to answer to determine your strategy and goals for the time you’re investing on LinkedIn.  In addition, she’ll […]

I Share a Twitter Account with My Competition!

Would you join forces with other businesses, whether friendly or competitive, for a combined social media strategy that could help you all? How would you even start?  Well, you would start with Shannon Harper. In this presentation, Shannon will discuss the history, issues and successes of managing social media for The Elbow – Downtown Jacksonville’s […]

How a Virtual Assistant Saved My Business

Are you getting swamped in administrative tasks instead of growing your business? Well, Stu Green was in that boat, and he found a way out: virtual assistants. In this presentation, Stu will discuss how after building all facets of his web business from scratch, he got lost in a raging sea of customer support issues […]