What actions can members take to raise their visibility on social media?

What actions can members take to raise their visibility on social media?

First, remember that posting on a social media page like Facebook will only be seen by 2% of the audience. You must boost the post and run paid ads. Boost the post. For $1 a day you can boost the post to make sure your entire audience sees it.  I regularly do this with just […]

Maximize your PPC

Maximize Your PPC Campaigns Through Strategic Audits

By: Chris Gregory If your PPC campaigns have been under-performing you might start getting worried about where your money is going and how much you’re wasting. If your campaigns aren’t performing up to par, we have some bad news: money that could have been in your pockets may have gone to your competitors.  It’s not […]

Search Engine Optimization Checklist

Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Checklist

By Mary Fisher, Fisher Design and Advertising 31 steps to ensure your website ranks Set up Google Analytics. Set up Google Tag Manager. Install tag on website. Set up Google Search Console (previously known as Google Webmaster Tools). Set up Bing Webmaster Tools. Perform keyword research. Install Yoast to your WordPress Website. Add keyword phrases […]

Small Business Marketing: 7 Problems That You Can Solve

By: Surina Samaroo For any small business, digital marketing can seem like a never-ending task. Your budget and point for your marketing strategy. All of this is completely normal! Although marketing may seem intimidating, knowing your obstacles can help you move forward. Here are some of the key problems for small businesses when tackling their […]

How to Use Live Chat to Obtain Clients and Score Sales

If a website is a lobby, a live chat is akin to a hotel receptionist in the lobby waiting to greet you with a smile, answer your questions, and make a transaction… at least in the pre-Expedia days. Live Chat is a box that is usually in the bottom right corner of a website. Some […]

Speaker Video

Speaker Video

Michelle Chance-Sangthong:Leveraging Content Marketing  (August 2016)   Mark Vickers: Speaking is Selling (July 2016)

Does Your Business Need Help Increasing Local Search Visibility?

Does Your Business Need Help Increasing Local Search Visibility?

For small to medium size businesses, investing in an elaborate SEO campaign may seem fruitless. After all, increasing visibility worldwide does not do much to help the success of a local restaurant or independently owned retail store. For businesses such as these, local search optimization is more likely to result in increased business. Why is […]

Lights…Camera…Action – You Need Videos!~Meetup Wrap-up

On Tuesday, March 8, a good turnout was on hand to hear Mauricio Belgrano present the topic “Lights…Camera…Action! You Need Videos!” Mauricio is a film producer who started Name Sake Pictures (NSP) in 2009. NSP helps non-profits tell their stories and present their messages in short film formats for fundraising, recruiting volunteers and advocacy. Videos […]

Lights…Camera…Action – You Need Videos!

All social media marketers will tell you that you can’t ignore the power of video. YouTube – just one example of a video platform – is used by 100 percent of the top brands in the world, generating millions of views each day. So, you need videos! Mauricio Belgrano is here to help. In this […]

“I Share a Twitter Account with My Competition!” ~Meetup Wrapup

On Tuesday, January 12, The JOMM event featured “I Share a Twitter Account with My Competition!” – presented by Shannon Harper of SharperSocial. Shannon, an expert in social design services, content creation and social media consultations, manages social media for The Elbow, Downtown Jacksonville’s Entertainment District. Cultivated around the historic Florida Theatre. The Elbow encompasses […]