You Can Understand Website Security

Nobody’s going to hack into my little ol’ website, right?

Don’t be so sure about that! Even small, seemingly insignificant websites and blogs are vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks, ransomware, data breaches, and computer viruses that can wipe out all your files, corrupt the pages of your site, or hold your entire site hostage.

Why do hackers do this? For many of them, it’s the thrill of the challenge; for others, it’s a way to make money. They can demand payment from you to unlock your site, or sell your customers’ information on the “deep web” where criminals thrive.

How do you protect yourself? Do you have to know how to write code? Not at all! Marv will explain to the JOMM how to keep our websites and blogs safe and sound, in terms that even marketing folks like us can understand.

Marv Conn owns a web hosting and Web development company. He is also a PHP programmer, e-commerce specialist, and Linux security expert who works for Fisher Design, one of the top advertising, graphic design, and public relations agencies in Jacksonville.

Come and find out why website security is everybody’s business!

Join us for You Can Understand Website Security

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