Does Your Business Need Help Increasing Local Search Visibility?

For small to medium size businesses, investing in an elaborate SEO campaign may seem fruitless. After all, increasing visibility worldwide does not do much to help the success of a local restaurant or independently owned retail store. For businesses such as these, local search optimization is more likely to result in increased business.

Why is Local Search Optimization Important?

Local search is the key to capturing customers in your local area who are ready and motivated to buy the products or services your business offers. When customers are in a hurry to buy a product or service in their local area, they often turn to Google to see what nearby businesses offer. Having your listing come up as one of the first is one of the easiest ways to engage with these customers and eventually win their business.

How Does Local Search Optimization Work?

Google already crawls your website looking for keywords about the services you provide and the type of business you are. The search engine’s crawlers also take note of the city and state names that appear on your site to determine where your business is located. There are also many local directories that offer free or paid listings for local businesses. Listing your business on these types of sites sends an even stronger signal to Google about the location of your business, and increases your chances of being listed in the local results and map when someone searches for a local business.

How Does YEXT Streamline Local Search Optimization?

Local search optimization is a notoriously complicated affair, particularly for those who own more than one branch of the same business. Ensuring that your business listing appears the same way on every site can be very time-consuming. Correcting any errors that appear can mean hours spent on the phone, which is time that most small business owners do not have. YEXT simplifies the process by allowing you to fill out your information just once. Once you have filled out your contact information, the YEXT system submits your information to the top local directory sites and ensures that is correct.

As a YEXT partner, DiscoverTec can help you get started on YEXT and increase your visibility in local search results.

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