How a Virtual Assistant Saved My Business

Are you getting swamped in administrative tasks instead of growing your business? Well, Stu Green was in that boat, and he found a way out: virtual assistants. In this presentation, Stu will discuss how after building all facets of his web business from scratch, he got lost in a raging sea of customer support issues […]

SEO Presentation

Thank you for all that attended the September JOMM. John Weiner from and Erin Gordon from presented on SEO setup checklist to begin a successful SEO campaign. This subject is not covered nearly enough. Many developers focus on the launch or design and forget about the behind the scenes steps required for a […]

SEO checklist for Web Developers and Business Owners

Different Speakers – Same Great Topic! Unfortunately, Chris Gregory had to cancel his appearance with us on September 8. Fortunately, JOMM’s own remarkable Erin Gordon will fill in with her vast knowledge and experience. Joining Erin will be John Weiner, president of Market Fuel Media. The SEO Checklist show will go on! As the owner […]

How-to Make Money with Snapchat

Everyone makes money the exact same way: By selling stuff. Some make money by selling physical products like motorcycles or chocolate waffles. Other people sell virtual products like music downloads or books on Kindle. Most people sell their personal time. Time, by the way is the WORST thing you can possibly sell because there is […]

7 Secrets of Snapchat and Periscope Superstars!

How do top Snapchat Stars and “Most Loved” Periscope users build and connect with such large audiences? What secrets can you steal from video streaming stars? Mark Kaye shares insider secrets and shows you how to create valuable content for Snapchat and Periscope that will help you gain followers and make money! Note: Be sure […]

The Secret to Social Media Management

Inspire. Engage. Convert. That’s what Social Media is all about! You need to do all three in order to get the referrals, leads, new clients and returning customers. After a while, we must admit that we are better at our true passion than maybe, let’s say…writing content or building a social media platform, or trying […]

JAMA and #theJOMM Summer Social

The JOMM and JAMA are collaborating to offer a social networking event at the beach! It’s time to get casual and have some fun!

Send Better Emails – Newsletter Training

Join the JOMM at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 9th for “Send Better E-Mails.” Catrine Fredrikson, owner of EZY Marketing, offers her expertise on intermediate and advanced topics for e-newsletters and e-blasts. Do you have questions about your current e-mail campaign (or even starting one)? What about creating content that people want to receive and […]

Top Five Social Media Tips for Events

Top Five Social Media Tips for Events

Negative comments and reviews don’t just go away.  This was a lesson learned in 2014 at The Oyster Jam Music Festival at Metro Park in downtown Jacksonville. As the Organizer of The Oyster Jam Festival (TOJ) for the last two years, I was tasked to create buzz and excitement around the event primarily using social […]