Agile Marketing and User-Centered Design

We live in a fast-paced world. Is your digital marketing keeping up with changes in your potential customers? Learn how the design of your website can provide a huge boost to your bottom line when you focus on the people using it. Agile marketing is a thing…whether you’re a newbie to the concept or you’ve […]

How a Viral Campaign Took a City to the Next Level

Ever wondered how to make your company’s news go viral? Come and hear a real-life case study when Mae Demdam describes The Amazing Rush campaign to bring meeting planners to Rapid City South Dakota! Modeled after The Amazing Race on TV, The Amazing Rush helped meeting planners experience all that Rapid City South Dakota has […]

The Beauty of WordPress for DIY Digital Marketing

Everybody has a platform these days for you to create your own website. They all offer bells and whistles that will make your done-yourself site look so professional. Some even say you can build it in one night! Why do so many people still use WordPress? Should you? What does it offer that other DIY […]

You Can Understand Website Security

Nobody’s going to hack into my little ol’ website, right? Don’t be so sure about that! Even small, seemingly insignificant websites and blogs are vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks, ransomware, data breaches, and computer viruses that can wipe out all your files, corrupt the pages of your site, or hold your entire site hostage. Why do […]

7 Reasons Why Inbound Marketing is Crucial in 2017

Does your digital marketing plan include a blog? Podcasts? Videos? E-books? Newsletters? White papers? An SEO strategy? Social media? If so, congratulations, you’re using inbound marketing! If not, you could be attracting way more customers with content marketing by using the right pieces of it at different stages in the purchase funnel. If all that […]

Speaker Video

Speaker Video

Michelle Chance-Sangthong:Leveraging Content Marketing  (August 2016)   Mark Vickers: Speaking is Selling (July 2016)

Planning to Win: Insider Tips to Woo Customers in Today’s Digital World

Do you feel lost when you look at your Google Analytics report? Wondering how to stand out from your competitors online? Puzzled about why everybody else seems to outrank you on your key search terms? Dara Gourley is a Digital Media Strategist at Fisher Design and Advertising. She has worked with entities that include the PGA […]

The JOMM Event – Beyond Wi-Fi: When They Connect, You Engage

Think of the moment a customer connects to your Wi-Fi network as an awesome opportunity for you to connect with them. Looking to up-sell? Grow your Facebook reach? Survey your customers? In this presentation, Brian Magazu will discuss the expanding role of Wi-Fi in digital marketing. You’ll not only become a smarter Wi-Fi user, but […]

Leveraging Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of those buzz words that people use, but don’t always understand. Content marketing is not new, but the tools available on the web can help businesses leverage the power of it in ways we could have never imagined – the simplicity of things like Word Press, or even micro-blogging platforms like […]

“4 Keys to Communicating with Clarity”

When you speak to prospects and customers, do you communicate with clarity? More importantly: Do they think you communicate with clarity? In this interactive session, Mark Vickers will explore the “4 Keys to Communicating with Clarity” and help you share your story and information more effectively – leading to improved results. International speaker and author […]