Best Ways to JOMM


If you are reading this page, then you have decided to or are still considering presenting to #theJOMM. Below are some of the recommendations we have for you to make the most out of your JOMM experience.

  • Tips for JOMM Promotion
  • Dos & Dont’s
  • Take-Aways
  • Being Prepared

Tips for JOMM Promotion:

Since you are going to be participating to #theJOMM, you might as well let people know about it. This will help increase both your Visibility and Credibility.


Please take a moment to fill out this form so we have an introduction for you. By default we will take information from your LinkedIn profile or Company website.


Even if you are presenting, please be sure to RSVP on As a presenter you and 2 guest fees will be waived. Please let us know your guest’s names.


Connect with #theJOMM social channels. Engage with members and have fun doing it!


If your company has a blog, write a blog post letting people know what you are doing and the details of the event. If you have a personal blog, it wouldn’t hurt to share this information on there as well.


Share the event information on your personal and your company’s social media channels.Use: #theJOMM hashtag

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • etc…


Attendees have great feedback on the event and are thankful to have been invited. Take a moment to reach out and share this experience with others you think it would benefit.

  • Colleagues
  • Clients
  • Perspective Clients
  • Friends

Do’s & Dont’s:


  • Have an Abundant Attitude – Givers Gain
  • Be Fun & Creative
  • Gently Promote Your Brand
  • Share Knowledge & Insights


  • Focus on Selling Your Product or Service – The group doesn’t want to be sold to.
  • Be Negative or Insulting
  • Forget to Prepare

Hand Outs & Leave Behinds:

As a presenter, one of the perks you get is to offer leave behinds which can include:

  • Door Prize: A small token from your company to raffle off in a door prize drawing.
  • Leave Behinds: If your company has swag items such as pens or koozies you’d like to hand out, that can be coordinated as well.
  • Event Hand-Out: Information from your presentation in paper form with your company contact information, social channels, QR code, etc…
  • Event Download: Your slide-deck or promotional materials from your presentation with your company info can be featured on and promoted through the MeetUp Newsletter.

Being Prepared:

For Presenters: Organize Your Thoughts and Be Memorable:

Even if you know your subject matter like the back of your hand, take a moment to organize your thoughts and create a presentation that has solid points and clear take aways. You don’t need to create a fancy PowerPoint but you should have your thoughts organized in a way that gets people engaged.

Tips on Public Speaking:

10 Tips for Public Speaking (Toastmaster’s)

Tips of the Best Ted Talks

9 Tips for Powerful Business Presentations (Forbes)

Visuals Go a Long Way:

While it isn’t crucial to have a PowerPoint, a few slides with some visuals or a handout is helpful for people to visualize what you are looking to communicate. IF you do have a presentation, please send it to Kenny [at] for review a couple days before the event so we can be sure to work out any potential technical difficulties.