The Beauty of WordPress for DIY Digital Marketing

Everybody has a platform these days for you to create your own website. They all offer bells and whistles that will make your done-yourself site look so professional. Some even say you can build it in one night!

Why do so many people still use WordPress? Should you? What does it offer that other DIY solutions don’t?

Find out when Elizabeth explains to the JOMM why WordPress is still the choice platform for many who decide to build their own websites instead of hiring a professional to do it for them.

Elizabeth Pampalone’s passion is helping people realize their full potential in business. She used to make house calls for sick computers with her first company, Jax Computer Chic. From there she opened a web design firm called The Web Design Chic. This led her to start to find more business clients, which led to the Jacksonville Business Journal dubbed her the “Queen of Jacksonville Networking.” She has since hosted 5 meetup groups, mentored 7 others, served as a teaching member of SCORE, and has taught continuing education classes at UNF and the Small Business Development Center.

Come and discover what WordPress can offer for you!

Join us for The Beauty of WordPress for DIY Digital Marketing
When: Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Where: DiscoverTec, 4887 Belfort Road, Suite 400, Jacksonville, FL 32256 (Belfort and JTB).