7 Reasons Why Inbound Marketing is Crucial in 2017

Does your digital marketing plan include a blog? Podcasts? Videos? E-books? Newsletters? White papers? An SEO strategy? Social media?

If so, congratulations, you’re using inbound marketing! If not, you could be attracting way more customers with content marketing by using the right pieces of it at different stages in the purchase funnel.

If all that is Greek to you, come to the JOMM and let one of the experts explain it!

Allison will tell you about the latest inbound marketing developments and why it needs to be a part of your plan for the new year.

Allison Driscoll is a Senior Digital Marketer at DiscoverTec, a Jacksonville-based digital agency. After receiving her Advertising Communications Degree in 2012, Ally joined DiscoverTec as a founding member of the marketing team. Every day her attention to detail helps her develop strategies specializing in marketing automation, email marketing, and social media for both local and international clients.

Ally also trains others on marketing automation and social media platforms. She is Google AdWords certified, HubSpot Partner Certified, and YEXT Partner Certified. Her strategies get her clients’ websites ranked on the front page in Google search results.

Come and hear the latest inbound marketing tips and tricks!