Voice Search: The Biggest Thing Since Typing

Ingo Grammel, 7/10/2018 First typing replaced writing things by hand with a pen and paper. Searching online is now a natural behavior for us all. The next stage in the evolution of search is here. Are you prepared? One out of four searches on a mobile device are done with voice. Smart speakers (Alexa, Google […]

The JOMM Summer Mixer, 6/12/2018

JOMM-in’ at Copeland’s This year, we’ve learned, leveraged that knowledge, and shared our stories with each other. Now it’s time to get better acquainted! Join us at Copeland’s in the Tinseltown area for drinks and nibbles. We’ll be JOMM-in’ from 5:30 to 7:30 in the bar. Everyone’s on their own for drinks and appetizers. No […]