You need ADD (Analytics Deep Dive)!

Many people employ SEO and PPC but then don’t know how to use analytics properly to understand what’s working, what’s not working, and what to change. Chris Gregory will do a deep dive into a live analytics profile to show us how to segment our data and get the answers we need. Chris Gregory will […]

Lights…Camera…Action – You Need Videos!

All social media marketers will tell you that you can’t ignore the power of video. YouTube – just one example of a video platform – is used by 100 percent of the top brands in the world, generating millions of views each day. So, you need videos! Mauricio Belgrano is here to help. In this […]

“I Share a Twitter Account with My Competition!” ~Meetup Wrapup

On Tuesday, January 12, The JOMM event featured “I Share a Twitter Account with My Competition!” – presented by Shannon Harper of SharperSocial. Shannon, an expert in social design services, content creation and social media consultations, manages social media for The Elbow, Downtown Jacksonville’s Entertainment District. Cultivated around the historic Florida Theatre. The Elbow encompasses […]

“What Can LinkedIn Really Do For Me?”

We’re all on LinkedIn. But what is your LinkedIn strategy? What are your LinkedIn goals? If you don’t know, are you just wasting your time?  In this presentation, Leila Ansart will talk through the questions you need to answer to determine your strategy and goals for the time you’re investing on LinkedIn.  In addition, she’ll […]