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The Jacksonville Online Marketing Meetup (#theJOMM) is a monthly, non-profit meetup for marketing professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs interested in sharing insight, learning about online marketing and connecting with industry peers. We showcase innovative leaders of the online marketing world at our events and online. We Learn. We Leverage.

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What actions can members take to raise their visibility on social media?

What actions can members take to raise their visibility on social media?

First, remember that posting on a social media page like Facebook will only be seen by 2% of the audience. You must boost the post and run paid ads. Boost the post. For $1 a day you can boost the post to make sure your entire audience sees it.  I regularly do this with just […]

Maximize your PPC

Maximize Your PPC Campaigns Through Strategic Audits

By: Chris Gregory If your PPC campaigns have been under-performing you might start getting worried about where your money is going and how much you’re wasting. If your campaigns aren’t performing up to par, we have some bad news: money that could have been in your pockets may have gone to your competitors.  It’s not […]

Search Engine Optimization Checklist

Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Checklist

By Mary Fisher, Fisher Design and Advertising 31 steps to ensure your website ranks Set up Google Analytics. Set up Google Tag Manager. Install tag on website. Set up Google Search Console (previously known as Google Webmaster Tools). Set up Bing Webmaster Tools. Perform keyword research. Install Yoast to your WordPress Website. Add keyword phrases […]

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08 June 2021

We Be JOMMin’ at River City Brewing!

River City Brewing
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
09 March 2021

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