The JOMM Logo Design Contest

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The JOMM Logo Design Contest

Written by: JOMMAdmin

The JOMM needs a logo and design and you’re invited to submit a logo to be considered for the new JOMM’s logo.

Entries must be:

  • Original
  • Submitted by Tuesday, February 19th @ 5:00 PM
  • At Least Somewhat Cool
  • no cats should be included in the logo

Entries will be voted on online & by the JOMM Hangout Panel (TBD)

Winner will Receive: FREE Admission to Scheduled JOMM Events in 2013 for the winner & a guest.


Do you need to be a Graphic Designer?


Is this snubbing the value of graphic designers?

Hell no! I’m a graphic designer, this is just a fun effort for those who care to participate. We’re not a company, this doesn’t need a full logo design effort with research, comps, revisions, thought & theory…. we simply need a cool graphic to represent the group.

What happens if no one participates?

I’ll win the contest with no competition.



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