Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to participating in The JOMM?

  • Simply put: “Givers Gain.” As you share your knowledge and contribute to the group, you increase your Visibility & Credibility which ultimately comes back in return.
  • Your company contact information will be shared with our group, on, Social Media Channels and other promotional materials.
  • Also you have the option to offer leave behinds and will receive a copy of the attendee list.

What if something comes up and I can’t attend the event?

Hey life happens, we completely understand things may come up. In the event that you are unable to keep your commitment to the event we’d ask you to try to find a substitute for your presence if possible.

Can I directly promote my product our service?

Yes, you can promote your product or service at your JOMM event, however please keep in mind that your aim should be focused on the topic and providing insights and knowledge and not focused on selling your service. The group members aren’t looking to receive a sales pitch and may not appreciate being sold to. The best way to get interest in your business is to promote your participation, create great content and engage with the group.

What happens to the funds generated from the event?

The vast majority of the funds of the event go towards event space, light refreshments and marketing for the group.

Will I have access to the Internet?

In most cases, yes. IF the event is at DiscoverTec, definitely.

Will I have access to a Projector?

In most cases, yes. IF the event is at DiscoverTec, definitely.

IF I’m doing a presentation, what format can my presentation be in?

The recommended format is Google Presentation but we also can accept PowerPoint, KeyNote, PDF and common presentation platforms. It is recommended to share the presentation in advance to ensure we have time to work through any technical difficulties.

Can The JOMM be hosted at a different venue?

Yes, with enough time for being able to promote the change we could select a different venue to host The JOMM. Event space, cost, parking and accommodations would be taken into consideration. If you have an idea in mind, drop us a line.